Individual Training Sessions

While it is often better to attend a mindfulness class or workshop to gain insights from an entire group, you may prefer one-on-one training due to challenging work schedules or for other reasons.  Ann is available for one-on-one training.

These sessions cover the same material which is taught in a mindfulness class or workshop.  In addition, Ann is able to work with you on specific challenging situations at home, in business or in social settings, teaching you how to bring mindfulness into those moments.

Mindfulness sessions are not therapy or counseling; rather educational in nature. You will develop more awareness of the patterns of habit energy in your life and clarify your intentions. You will learn acceptance of what you cannot change and how to bring compassion to suffering. You can learn how to communicate more effectively.  

Mental health professionals often refer clients to learn mindfulness as an adjunct practice to his or her therapy.  If Ann determines that therapy would be beneficial for you, she can also make a referral.  Individual privacy is maintained. Since these are not therapy sessions, no diagnosis is made and no written record is kept.

Sessions can be delivered in person or by zoom, based on the preference of the client.

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