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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the original mindfulness curriculum developed at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is the curriculum utilized in most of the scientific studies about the health benefits of mindfulness practice. It is an 8-week, experiential curriculum, with periods of group discussion, mindfulness practice as well as didactic components. Primarily based on tapping into your inner resources to cope with stress and life’s challenges, MBSR also engages in providing powerful tools based on mindfulness meditation and mindful yoga, among others.  MBSR is an 8-session course with a full-day retreat, offering 26 hours of training.

All courses will be delivered through Zoom, an online meeting tool, until we are allowed to re-open our Houston studio.


Key Takeaways

  • Lasting decrease in physical and psychological symptoms associated with stress.
  • Greater ability to effectively face stressful situations in the short and long term.
  • Reduction in pain levels, and a greater ability to cope with chronic pain.
  • More energy and enthusiasm for life.

Course Description

All over the world, people have practiced mindfulness meditation and have learned to integrate the methods developed in the MBSR program into their daily lives. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to what is happening in your life, a way of taking charge of your life, a way of working consciously and systematically with your own stress, pain, illness, and the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Restoring a balanced sense of health and well-being within oneself requires a greater awareness of all aspects of the self, including body and mind. MBSR is designed to ignite this inner capacity and instill awareness in your life.

Mindfulness is not something that one has to “get” or acquire. It is already within you, a deep internal resource available and waiting patiently to be awakened and used in the service of learning, growth, and healing. While the practices have been adapted from classical Buddhist meditation and yoga traditions, MBSR is a secular and scientifically supported approach that operates in harmony with any belief system.

Typical Class Structure:

  • Teaching and Information sharing – background of mindfulness, research, and science
  • Experiential meditation practices – seated, walking, movement, and body scan

Additional Information


All classes are currently being taught through Zoom, an online meeting tool. Once our Houston studio re-opens, we will have classes held in person again.

Mindful Being Studio
4544 Post Oak Place Dr., Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77027

*NOTE: Please be sure to type this address exactly into your navigation app as there are several variations of the Post Oak street name in our area. We want to be sure that you are specifically routed to our building.


There is free parking available in the front and rear of our office building. For students attending the night classes, we want you to know there is a security guard on staff.

Please note that the building doors lock at 6 pm, so you will need to enter through the back door of the building — this is where the security guard is located. 

Other Items to Note:

(Applies to both our Zoom online classes and the in-person classes at our studio)

Come as you are, and be comfortable. Some of our students may be in business attire, and others in workout clothes. 

Class is experiential and includes some teaching, as well as practices with discussion. No one is pressured to speak. 

We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes before class starts. If you are going to arrive late, we want you to know that it is ok, but it is best to be on time to be respectful of the group. But we all understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control and we would rather have you come late than not at all. 

The classes are interchangeable; if you miss your class you may attend another class during the same week.

You are allowed to bring food and beverages. We do offer water, tea, and coffee at our studio. 

There is no need to take notes. Our instructors will provide summaries of each class as handouts (or sent via email).

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