Strength in Community

With training, we can learn to release perpetual habit energy and become more present. We can find more balance in our lives. We learn to see our experiences and the people in our lives as teachers. We can key into our inner wisdom. More than anything, however, mindfulness teaches us, not only to accept ourselves and others, but to be gentler and kinder to ourselves and others no matter what we are struggling with.
Mindfulness is a practice that you can do by yourself, but it is often helpful to practice with others.  With community, we can feel supported.  We can learn other ways to meditate as different meditations are used.  We can remember practices that we had forgotten.  It helps us remain accountable to our self-care on busy days.  
Come join Ann and Michele as they lead you through this journey on Tuesdays (7:15 – 7:30 am) and Wednesdays (12 – 12:15 pm). Sign up below to receive the Zoom link. We’d love to have you!

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