Training Attention without Meditating: A Class for Parents and Children

Zoom Only
$50 per family

We are told by our parents and teachers to pay attention; yet we know from scientific research that our minds wander about half of the time.  Meditation is one way to train the brain; however, many people try to meditate and find it too challenging or are not interested in doing it.  No problem!  There are other ways to train the brain for focus and attention and to bring more fun into daily routines.

Join Dr. Ann Friedman to learn how to practice mindful eating, walking, clean up, and other activities to develop attention and focus and to be more present in your day.

Cost per family:  $50 (scholarships available).  Limited space.  Register today!


Key Takeaways

  • your brain and why mind wanders;
  • how to train your mind for better mental and physical health;
  • how to use curiosity through your senses to maintain focus.

Course Description

This class will be experiential with discussion; although no one will be pressured to speak.  You may share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  At the beginning of the class, we will learn about the human mind and why it does what it does (although there is much we still do not understand).

Then, we will engage in activities throughout the morning, noticing and returning our minds when they wander.  We will explore each activity with curiosity, noticing things that we may not have noticed before.


Ann Friedman, Ph.D.

Additional Information


This class will be delivered in person only at the Mindful Being Studio.

Mindful Being Studio
4544 Post Oak Place Dr., Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77027

*NOTE: Please be sure to type this address exactly into your navigation app as there are several variations of the Post Oak street name in our area. We want to be sure that you are specifically routed to our building.


There is free parking available in the front and rear of our office building. For students attending night classes, there is a security guard present in the building.

Please note that the building doors lock at 6pm, so you will need to enter through the back door of the building, where the security guard sits. 

Other Items to Note:

(Applies to both our Zoom online classes and the in-person classes at our studio)

Come as you are, and be comfortable. Some of our students may be in business attire, and others in workout clothes. 

Class is experiential and includes some teaching, as well as practices with discussion. No one is pressured to speak. 

We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes before class starts. If you are going to arrive late, that it is fine, but it is best to be on time to be respectful of the group. We understand, however, that things can happen beyond your control and we would rather have you come late than not at all. 

If you will miss your class, please inform the instructor.  You may make up the class the next time the series is offered; or you may take the entire next series again for free.  Alternatively, you can pay for a private make-up session. 

You are allowed to bring food and beverages. We do offer water, tea, and coffee at our studio. 

There is no need to take notes. Our instructors will provide summaries of each class as handouts (or sent via email).

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