Workshop on Mindful Inquiry

Hybrid (Zoom & In-person)

What is Mindful Inquiry?  It is a powerful tool to listen deeply in each moment– both to ourselves and to others– for clear seeing.  Often, our minds are seeking solutions to problems, and we are out of touch with the energy in our bodies and what we are intuitively sensing.  Paradoxically, focusing on solutions is often not as helpful to being with the experience in compassionate presence.  Through mindful inquiry, we move past the surface information to gain clarity on more essential information.  We let go of the assessing mind for deeper insight.

First, we learn to tune into our bodies which provide a wealth of information.  Among the many questions we may ask, can be:  What sensations do I notice in my body?  What am I present to in this moment?  What is my mind telling me?  Through what lens am I observing this experience?  Is there something in this moment which I am not able to accept?  How does any judgment manifest?   Does my judgment change the way I view and interact in this situation?  Is this something I have felt before?  Again, these are just a few of the many questions that we use to explore our inner experience or that of another.

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Key Takeaways

  • tune into your body for information;
  • observe your thoughts and notice if the voice is yours or someone else’s;
  • listen to your heart;
  • notice internalized beliefs that you may not realize you have;
  • connect with your inner wisdom.

Course Description

This intensive workshop will help us explore mindful inquiry as a tool for getting clarity on any situation in our lives.  In the beginning we will get to know one another, agree to commit to confidentiality for anything shared by others, and create other agreements to create a safe space.

The format for the workshop will include a small amount of lecture, but is mostly experiential.  Some experiential practices will use guided imagery through meditation; others will be written exercises.  Some of the exercises are individual; some with the full group; and others, in dyads.  Students are invited, but not forced, to share their discoveries with others throughout the day.  You may share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Experiential practices can help us gain deep clarity on issues which previously created confusion or ambivalence.  When we gain clarity, we see our needs and how we can best proceed in any relationship or situation.

On occasion, these kinds of experiential exercises can uproot challenging emotions for some people.  Students will be requested not to push beyond their comfort level in any exercise and to listen to what their bodies are saying.  Should anyone become activated, they will be asked to refocus on mind-calming practices shared at the beginning of the workshop.


Ann Friedman, Ph.D.

Additional Information


This class will be delivered via Zoom and in person at The Jung Center.

The Jung Center of Houston
5200 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

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