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Mindful Being Houston, founded in 2015, is a mindfulness studio in Houston, Texas. Our certified mindfulness instructors provide on demand / pre-recorded classes, as well as live classes for individuals, parents, children, and teens, and offer special events, seminars, workshops, and presentations to corporations, schools, churches, and community groups.

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Our goal is to teach people the practice of mindfulness and help them:

  • Reduce stress
  • Create a sense of well being
  • Improve ability to focus and pay attention
  • Boost immune system functioning
  • Decrease anxiety, depression, and physical pain
  • Change the structure and functioning of the brain, including calming areas of emotional reactivity and increasing gray matter in areas of impulse control, judgment, memory, and learning.

A Personal Note from Our Founder

Mindfulness meditation changed my life which is why I share it with others. As a young person who struggled with mild anxiety, there came a time that my own anxiety increased to a level that caused me suffering. By that time, I was a psychologist who was adept at helping others with anxiety, among other issues, but I did not have a personal practice to calm myself. In 2007, with no idea what I was getting into, I plunged into my first 7-day silent mindfulness retreat.

At the retreat, I learned to watch my own mind for long periods of time and saw, clearly, how the chatter rarely ceased. Much of it was repetitive. I noticed my frustration with people and events that I could not control, as well as regular criticisms of myself and others. We all struggle from time-to-time with life’s challenges. I needed to learn how to quiet my mind, find acceptance, and become more compassionate with myself and others.

From that time on, I could not get enough of mindfulness. I listened to tapes in my car and regularly practiced mindful driving. My walks often became practice. I connected monthly with teachers and a practice group. I have also attended several 7-10 day silent retreats annually with national teachers.

While many people will not get as enthusiastic as I did about mindfulness; like most things in life, the more we put into it, the more we get out of it. Many people have found that practicing for a short period daily–perhaps 10 to 20 minutes—has a positive impact on their day.

I hope you will experience my class as warm, inviting and supportive. I am here to assist you with developing a practice and if you so choose, to become engaged with a practice community to support you.

I look forward to working with you.




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