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Note: All classes are listed in Central Time (CT) unless otherwise specified.

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Introduction to Mindfulness

Available on Demand | FREE!

Mindfulness is much more than focusing on breath. This FREE, always available online course will give you an overview of mindfulness.

MB The Power of Community 640 x 640

The Power of Community: Weekly Meditations (Online)

Weekly (Day/Time vary) | FREE!

Join the community of The Jung Center’s Mind Body Spirit Institute to recenter in the midst of your busy day. Learn and develop stress-busting tools for everyday life in this FREE weekly online meditation

MB Mindful Moments 1

Mindful Moments (Online)

Every Friday (7:30-7:45am) | FREE!

Take a few moments in the morning to be mindful. Every Friday morning, enjoy a short FREE meditation led by Michele Pola, and explore how we can carry the ease of the morning into the busier parts of our day.

MB Meditaciones en Espanol 1

Meditaciones en Español (En Línea)

Cada mes (6:15-7:00pm) | ¡GRATIS!

¡Como parte de nuestros programas para la comunidad, incluiremos meditaciones en Español! Este programa mensual es abierto a todo público y gratuito, solo debe registrarse.

MB Laugh for the Health of It 1

Laugh for the Health of It: Laughter Yoga (In Person)

February 29th (12:00-1:00pm) | $15

Have fun learning to reduce stress with laughter techniques taught by certified laughter yoga facilitator Lee Coffee. Improve your breathing, relaxation, and physiologic well-being, all while laughing!

MB Rituals Coffee and Health

Rituals, Coffee, and Health (In Person)

March 2nd (9:00-11:00am) | $35

Explore the potential health benefits of mindfully drinking coffee each day in this interactive workshop with Alejandro Chaoul and Gabriel Lopez. Learn to use the experience of drinking coffee as a moment for meditation and internal reflection.

MB Mindful Origami March

Mindful Origami: March (In Person)

March 2nd (1:30-3:30pm) | $28

Be both creative and mindful as Rie Kojima Angeli shows us how to create something beautiful from origami paper. Enjoy the soothing nature of repeated folding and leave with your very own piece of art!

MB Nurture Your Energy Body

Nurture Your Energy Body (Online)

Wednesdays, March 13th-27th (6:30-8:00pm) | $100

Care for the sacred aspects of yourself with these basics from ancient Tibetan spiritual traditions taught by expert Claire Villarreal, PhD. Learn activities that can both recharge your vital energy, and help you to notice what drains you.

MB Reaching Out A Feldenkrais Mini Retreat

Reaching Out: A Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Mini-Retreat (In Person)

March 16th (12:30-4:00pm) | $75

Through simple, gentle movement sequences led by Feldenkrais practitioner Gika Rector, we will explore ways to reach out more simply and easily, and maybe even leave able to reach a bit farther. No previous experience is necessary.

MB Mindfulness Essentials

Mindfulness Essentials for Stress Reduction (Online)

Tuesdays, March 19th-April 16th (5:30-6:45pm) | $140

Join us in this introductory, interactive online course led by Michele Pola, and learn to take the edge off through mindfulness meditation and mindful awareness practices. Explore the benefits of mindfulness and experience the process of grounding your mind in your body.

MB The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (In Person)

March 23rd (12:00-4:00pm) | $90

Discover a form of self-exploration that uses classical music to facilitate a connection with our inner resources, and open creative pathways to dealing with challenging times. International Bonny Method trainer Ginger Clarkson will teach a historical overview before leading a practical demonstration of a GIM session.

MB Tai Chi Chuan for Health

Tai Chi Chuan for Health (In Person)

Mondays, March 25th-May 13th (4:45-6:00pm) | $220

Meditate through movement using tai chi chuan, a Chinese exercise based on the yin/yang philosophy. Practice these slow, relaxed, continuous movements with tai chi chuan master George Hu and learn to focus your mind, achieve balance, and gain vital energies. 

MB Nature Based Mindfulness

Nature-Based Mindfulness (In Person)

April 20th (9:00-10:30am) | $20

Spend the morning nourishing your body, mind and spirit during this silent meditation experience in nature, led by Michele Pola.

MB Meditation Mini Retreat Tools for Opening the Heart1

Meditation Mini-Retreat: Tools for Opening the Heart (In Person)

April 27th (1:00-5:00pm) | $40

Learn tools for opening your heart using awareness of breath, visualization, sound, and movement. Take time to develop and integrate a sense of completeness through this long-form group practice and discussion led by MBSI founder and meditation expert Alejandro Chaoul.

MB Mindful Origami May

Mindful Origami: May (In Person)

May 4th (1:30-3:30pm) | $28

Be both creative and mindful as Rie Kojima Angeli shows us how to create something beautiful from origami paper. Enjoy the soothing nature of repeated folding and leave with your very own piece of art!

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