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Mindfulness Essentials for Stress Reduction

Mindful Being 4544 Post Oak Place Dr., Suite 100, Houston

This 6-week course provides an introduction to mindfulness meditation and mindful awareness practices.  In the first three weeks, you will learn to ground in your body through your breath, sound, and body sensations while still and while moving. The last three weeks offer specific practices for being with physical pain, emotional distress, and difficult thinking. 

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Cultivating Positive Emotions

This 6-week class provides an introduction to the qualities we cultivate through mindfulness which increase our overall sense of well-being, including equanimity, gratitude, appreciative joy, generosity, loving-kindness, and compassion.  All of these teachings are found in the world’s great wisdom traditions and these practices are in accord with those teachings, but presented in a secular

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Deepening Kindness & Compassion

Mindful Being 4544 Post Oak Place Dr., Suite 100, Houston

Our society, as others, often tells us to “be nice.” When you learn to wear the mask of niceness, it feels inauthentic, separates you from others, and causes you to overextend yourself in ways that can cause resentment.  How can you learn to be kind to yourself and others instead? The world’s wisdom traditions emphasize

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